Reusable & Washable Sanitary Pad


Why choose washable cloth menstrual pad?

a. Eco-friendly: washable and reusable
b. Economical: can use for 3-5 years
c. Healthy: simply organic, does not contain bleach
d. Soft: thanks to the comfy bamboo
e. Safe: its inner layer is leak proof
f. Easy to clean:rinse in cold water, manchine wash and just dry

How to wash and dry?
a. Please wash it before using the first time.
b. If there are stains on it, you can add a little salt in cold or warm water (do NOT use hot water as this can set any stains) to wash by hand or machine.
c. If you are not planning to wash right away, you can soak your cloth menstrual pad or let them dry until your next laundry.
d. Expose it to the hot sun. Do not iron use bleach or fabric softener because it can reduce the service life of menstrual pads , harmful to the body at the same time.



– You will feel peace of mind as you know you now have a solution to your monthly period that will save you money while saving the environment, by reducing landfill. Your Reusable Sanitary Pads are made with beautifully soft bamboo fiber with a super absorbent, odor neutralising layer that wont show stains.
– Ideal for Light to medium flow, so comfortable you will feel secure and satisfied.
– Perfect for use with Menstrual Cups for peace of mind giving you that feeling of extra security while you wear your Menstrual Cup, especially on those heavy flow days


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